Whole Eggs for Muscle Growth


Every bodybuilder needs optimum nutrition for the quick muscle growth. Many food supplements are best for the bodybuilders to manage their workouts. One of the best foods for quick muscle growth is an egg.

During a tough workout, our body goes through stresses and damages the muscle tissues. Those damages can be repaired by the body with the intake of high proteins which makes the amino acids to work out. The amino acids quicken the recovery of muscle tissues and thus increases the speed of muscle growth.

Reason for Eggs as the best food for Body Building:

The egg is one of the richest sources of protein. Regular consumption of eggs daily can increase the muscle growth. The nutritional value available in eggs is very high when compared with meat and chicken.

A whole egg contains 6.3 grams of protein. It is packed with other vitamins like A, D, E, B6, and B12. And also contains minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, and selenium. A whole egg contains nine essential amino acids which are important for muscle growth and recovery.

A whole egg contains 200mg of cholesterol in which a person can eat up to 300mg of cholesterol. But these are good cholesterols which help to reduce bad cholesterol.
Most of the bodybuilders consume raw eggs but the raw eggs contain the least amount of protein. In a research, scientists have proved that the 90% of proteins are from cooked eggs when compared to raw eggs which have only 50%. The protein present in both egg white and egg yolk are healthy.

All the essential nutrients in the egg can improve the muscle tissue quality and also increases power. So, taking one egg in the daily diet and 1-2 egg whites are the reliable source of protein. It contains no fat and cholesterol which can enhance the growth of muscles.


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