Benefits of Eggs for Kids


Eggs are healthy for growing children. It contains essential nutrients like Vitamin A, D, B 12, B 6, proteins, and other minerals. Growing children need a lot of nutrients for the overall growth and development. The white part of eggs contains a high amount of protein and the yellow part of the yolk contains vitamins and minerals in it. Health benefits of eggs for kids are mentioned below

Brain Development:
A water-soluble nutrient, choline is present in egg yolk. One egg yolk contains almost 115mg of choline which helps in the production of neurons. These neurons formulate the brain portions. It also plays a significant role in the human cell membrane. Insufficient intake of omega-3 fatty acids can reduce DHA and increase omega-6 fatty acids in the brain which causes some brain defects. But intake of egg yolks contains omega-3 fatty acids needed for the development of the brain.

Complete Protein Pack:
A child needs essential protein to enhance its growth. An egg has complete protein of about 6 grams in it. Protein makes your kid grow healthier and stronger.

Enhances Neural Health:
Vitamin B12 enhances the neural health in children. Children of age between 1 and 3 years need 0.9 mcg per day and children of 4 to 8 years need 1.2 mcg per day of Vitamin B12. Every 100 grams of an egg contain 1.1 mg of Vitamin B12 which is higher than the daily recommended value.

Promotes Brighter Vision:
Egg yolk is a good source of lutein and zeaxanthin which are needed for the brighter and healthier vision. It helps to prevent eyes from macular degeneration and promotes brighter vision.

Bone Health:
Vitamin D is essential to maintain a good bone health. Eggs are the best sources of vitamin D and it is available in the yellow portion (egg yolk). A 100gm egg contains 40 IU of Vitamin D which is 21% of daily recommended value.

Healthy muscles, bones, and blood:
Every human body needs 22 amino acids for the regular balanced body function. In which 13 amino acids can be produced by our own body and the remaining nine essential amino acids are present in eggs. These amino acids help in maintaining healthy organs.

So, eggs have a lot of essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy growth. It is recommended to take three to four eggs per week to maintain good body health.


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