Tips to extend Egg’s Shelf Life and Quality


Eggs are one of the cost-effective and nutrient dense food which can be kept in the home. Raw eggs can last for about 30 days in the refrigerator without losing any quality. The proper refrigeration of eggs can improve the eggshell life. Some of the below simple steps can extend the life and quality of the eggs.

1. Proper Refrigeration:
Keep and Store eggs at 40 degrees Fahrenheit inside the shelf of the refrigeration versus in the refrigerator door. The constant temperature will be maintained inside the shelf than in the door.

2. Freezer Storage:
If more number of eggs are there to use within a week, place them in the freezer storage. It can last without any compromising quality.

3. Keep eggs in the carton:
The eggs inside the carton can prevent moisture loss. It also protects the eggs from pungent odors and against any insects.

See the below information for the egg type which can be refrigerated in 35 to 40 degree F and the number of days it can last in it.
* Raw whole egg in shell can lasts for 4 to 5 weeks beyond the date of packaging or about 3 weeks after purchase
* The slightly beaten raw whole egg can last up to two days
* Raw egg whites can last up to four days
* Raw egg yolks can last up to two days
* Hardly boiled eggs in the shell can last up to one week
* Hardly boiled eggs that are peeled can be used on the same day for best quality


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