How much Protein is in Egg White?


Eggs are loaded with a variety of nutrients in it. The nutritional value of an egg depends on the intake of whole eggs or just the egg whites alone. Egg Whites are cholesterol-free and also low in calories but high in protein. Each egg white contains only 17 calories and best option for those sensitive to dietary cholesterol.

Low in Calories but High in Protein:
Egg Whites are high in protein content and low in calories. It contains nine essential amino acids needed for the body functionality. Egg Whites contain around 67% of protein from the whole egg. The rich protein content in egg whites can fill the appetite and makes you feel full for longer time.

Egg Whites can supplement the adequate protein content for maintaining and building muscle strength. The egg whites from a large egg contain 4 grams of protein and only 17 calories which can be the best food to lose weight.

Low in Fat and No cholesterol:
Egg White contains pure protein content and does not contain fat or cholesterol in it. As all the cholesterol and fat in eggs are present in the egg yolk only. It is a good choice for people to limit their calorie intake and lose weight easily. So, egg whites are considered healthier than the whole eggs.

However, when compared to whole eggs, egg whites are low in some nutrients. But intake of whole eggs can make you full for a longer time and can make you intake fewer calories. Egg whites are the best choice for people focusing to lose weight with needed protein supplements.


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