Does the color of the yolk impacts Nutrition Quality?


Eggs come in a variety of colours and it may vary significantly from one to another. Most of the people assume that the color of the eggshell and yolk are the reflection of quality, taste and its nutritional value. But the shell color depends on the breed of the hen.

The colour of the yolk purely depends on the hen’s diet. It is not an indicator of freshness and has no influence on nutrition or flavour. Carotenoids are the color pigments responsible for the colour of the yolk. These pigments give a yellow-orange colour for the yolk.

The dark-colored yolks depend on the carotenoids, which are natural pigments found in some plants. Some carotenoids like beta-carotene have nutritional values. The hen’s diet plays a major role in the color of the egg yolk.

An orange yolk contains more Vitamin A and beta-carotene. The color and the improved vitamin content is related to the quality of food consumed by hens directly. The intensity of yellow colour on the yolk depends on the natural yellow pigments known as xanthophylls.

Regardless, the egg yolk contains other nutrients like choline, selenium and vitamin D. The nutritional value of an egg can be influenced by the diet of the hen also. The nutritionally enhanced eggs can be produced with the hens fed with the rich diet enhanced with specific nutrients like Vitamin D or omega 3.


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