Does eggs are good or bad for Cholesterol?


Eggs are one of the best foods that are more most nutritious. However, eggs have a bad reputation that the egg yolks are high in cholesterol content. A single medium sized egg contains 186mg of cholesterol. It is the recommended for the 62% of daily intake.

Most of the people believe that the cholesterol in the blood may cause heart disease. But the fact is that the cholesterol is one of the important facts of the body. It is a structural molecule essential for every part of the single cell membrane. It is essential for the production of steroid hormones like testosterone, cortisol, and estrogen.

Eggs contain several minerals that lower cholesterol levels and also reduces blood pressure. It is a good source of 3 types of Vitamin B which is necessary to improve the heart health. The vitamins B12, B2, and folate in eggs reduces the risk of heart attacks by lowering the cholesterol level.

The recent research shows that the cholesterol in egg yolks does not increase the cholesterol content in most of the individuals. Egg yolks have a minimal impact on blood cholesterol levels as the dietary cholesterol can be broken down by our digestive systems.


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