Carbohydrate Value in single Egg


Eggs are the nutrition packed food which can be eaten alone or mixed with other foods. We all know that eggs contain many protein contents in it but the carbohydrate value is very less. Eggs are the best food with fewer carbohydrate values in it.

According to a research, 45 to 65 percent of total calories should come from carbohydrates. Each gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories which mean about 180 to 260 grams per day is needed. When it comes to eggs in natural form, it contains only a very little amount of carbohydrates in it.

Nutrition value:
Carbohydrates are often considered as a bad nutrition but they are broken down into glucose and provides energy for the body. Though eggs do not contain carbohydrates, it can be paired with some other carb-rich foods for a complete meal.

Eggs have no carbohydrates in it but it is packed with protein, healthy fat and other nutrients. A large egg has around 70 calories with more than 6 grams of protein. And also, it has other nutrients like 99 mg of phosphorous, 28 mg of calcium, and 71 mg of potassium with 200 mg of cholesterol and about 5 gm of fat.

Serve eggs with wheat bread, fresh fruit, oatmeal or waffles for a carb-rich diet in the meal. You can add veggies like corn, potatoes or bell peppers with scrambled eggs and omelets for a high carb diet.


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