Benefits of Eggs for Athletic Performance


Eggs are most important in any athlete’s diet. One whole egg contains seven grams of protein with nine essential amino acids. These amino acids help to build and maintain muscle strength.
As an athlete to avoid cholesterol, it’s not recommended to take egg whites alone. Egg yolk contains half of the protein, antioxidants and other crucial vitamins. These antioxidants are required for eye and brain health.

Nutrient Profile for Athletes:
The below-mentioned nutrients are found in eggs which are highly recommended for athletes for the maintenance of good health and the better athlete performance.

A large egg has 250mg of choline which is a vitamin-like nutrient similar to B-vitamins. It is needed for athletes to delay fatigue in endurance sports.

B – vitamins:
Egg contains vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and B12 which are needed to energize the body. These vitamins can convert food into fuel and gives a strength endurance.

Zinc is needed for healthy cell-division and to maintain body metabolism. It is also essential for the production of testosterone which aid in building lean muscle mass.

The egg had magnesium which is an essential mineral for the building block of cells. It is needed for improved intra-workout recovery and better sleep.

Post-Workout Essentials:
For any athletic performance, adequate protein intake is equally important in addition to the training. After two-hours post exercise, consumption of proteins can increase the whole body and muscle protein synthesis. It can give improved nitrogen balance. The results of a study had shown that athletes should aim to consume about 0.27g/kg body weight in high-quality protein food such as eggs for the optimal performance.


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