Benefits of Egg Yolk for hair


Egg yolk is rich in protein which is a safe and natural product available in the market. It contains Vitamins A, D, E and higher amount of sulfur and fatty acids to nourish the hair and enhance the hair growth. The vitamins A and E present in egg yolk can prevent hair loss and also thickens the hair. The vitamin D can stimulate new hair growth.

Some of the benefits of egg yolk for healthier hair are mentioned below

1. Soften and Strengthen the hair:
The egg yolk is rich in fatty acids which can act as a moisturizer to soften the hair. The egg yolk combined with olive oil can be ideal to repair damaged hair. It will strengthen the hair and maintains the texture of the hair.

2. Hair cleanser:
The protein inside the egg yolk can make the hair stronger and maintain its texture. It can be used as a shampoo for the oily hair which can result in healthy and shiny hair.

3. Tackles thin hair:
Egg Yolk combined with lime juice can slow down the hair thinning and reduces the bare effect. Once hair loss is tackled, egg yolk can stimulate new hair growth.

4. Revitalizes dry hair:
The egg yolk used as a mask will help to revitalize dry and dull hair. This mask can make your hair soft, shiny and result in manageable hair.

5. Shinier Hair:
Egg yolk is a natural way to act as a conditioner with no side effects. It can make your hair to shine at home so beautiful.


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