Egg Yolk, The perfect first food for Baby


Egg Yolks are the good choice for weaning babies as it contains a high nutritional value. Most pediatric agrees that egg yolk is good to eat for babies around 8 months. But egg white was prohibited for babies under 1 year of age as it may cause indigestion for them.

The egg yolk can supply essential nutrients for brain development as it contains compounds like iron, cholesterol, and choline. It provides cholesterol needed to stimulate mental development for the infants. And also, its scientifically proved that the omega-3 found inside egg yolk is same as mother’s milk.

Benefits of feeding Egg Yolk to your baby:

1. Enhances the body development:
Egg Yolk contains enough cholesterol content which is essential for the development of nervous system. It improves bile acid to produce many hormones in the baby’s body.

2. Improves brain development:
Choline is an essential nutrient needed for the brain development. Its one of the main function is to stimulate the sensation of happiness. The egg yolk has choline which is associated with neurological function and prevent inflammation.

3. Good source of natural fats and proteins:
Egg yolks can perfectly fulfill the daily nutritional requirements of the infants. It can be taken along with other nutritious foods like mashed bananas. And also contains vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, vitamin B12, folate, zinc, selenium, copper and more.

4. Enhances vision:
Egg yolk has chemical compounds like lutein and zeaxanthin which plays a good role in protecting vision loss. So, taking an egg yolk slowly can prevent the baby to get the lower vision.

5. Maintain healthy hair and skin:
Egg yolk contains the sulfur compound which is related to liver function. It is also needed to produce keratin and collagen in the body which is essential to maintain skin, hair and strong nails.

As cooked egg yolks are soft food, the infants can easily take them when they are mashed up. It’s suggested starting with one baby spoonful each day until the baby works up to eat the whole yolk.


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